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Van de Velde

Van de Velde

Schellebelle http://www.vandevelde.eu/en

In accordance with our mission ‘To shape the body and mind of women’ Van de Velde wants to improve the self-image of women through fashionable lingerie and in-store service. All the company’s attention is focused on building strong complementary brands (PrimaDonna, Marie Jo, Andres Sarda) and providing the best in-store service that is built around the Lingerie Styling concept.
We work closely with 5,000 specialty lingerie stores worldwide, as well as running our own retail chain founded on these principles in the brands Intimacy, Rigby & Peller, Lincherie and Private Shop. Our geographical centre of gravity is Europe and North America. We recently added China to that mix.
Van de Velde employs almost 1500 employees and realizes worldwide a turnover of 182.4 mio € (2013). Our headquarters is in Schellebelle (region Wetteren-Ghent).

There are 0 vacancies for this company!

There's 0 vacancy for this company!