Intern Belmodo Editor (NL)

Gent, Belgium
Korianderstraat 2, 9000 Gent ///

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Intern Belmodo Editor (NL)

Are you dreaming of a career in fashion and media world and you're looking for an internship to start in June 2018? Then perhaps is Belmodo your fashionable destination in 2018

Spot you the coolest places-to-be at a glance? Are your ears flapping immediately when a new label and new designer emerges? Is the intergalactic www your primary residence? Is your smartphone your best friend and do you suffer from an Instagram thumb? Subscribe to 200 km / h and make your photo and video reports to full speed, without going off the road ...? Let Belmodo get to know you.

Now send us your data, including CV and motivation and photo. And maybe you belong to Belmodo team starting from June 2018

Success! Oh yes, a onlinedag takes 24 hours but necessary beauty naps in between it is permitted in Belmodo.

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