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19 April 2013

How do you get a fashion job?

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Do you dream of a job in the fashion business, but you do not know how to get in? Make sure you are up-to-date with the latest fashion news. Prove you know the industry, know the players, read magazines and blogs. Shop and knows what is in the dangle. Also notice how everything advertised.

Network! Now start networking. The more people you know, the better. The fashion industry is very tightly knit. The PR offices, shops, editors, ... everyone knows each other. Remember who you meet, maybe they can even help in the future.

Do you want to be a stylist? Beginning in retail and work your way up. Would you fashion journalist? Make sure you have something to submit. Write a blog, show that you're doing and you can do it. Always try to anticipate what you want to achieve. Do not wait until something is in your lap.

Try internships! Often you can volunteer for an internship. You voluntary internship gives you no money, but a priceless experience. Internships are great on your CV and that way you already have a foot inside the fashion business. Maybe you learn during your internship people know where you can later apply for.

Now go get yourself a fashion career!

A fashionable Internship Or a fashionable Full-time job?

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