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27 March 2013

How should your resume look?

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Aaah that resume, always a pain in the ass of anyone who is applying. Do not be scared, with these tips Career Tyler, you are so done. Actually it is not as extensive as in the beginning you might think. The curriculum vitae should really only maximum 2 pages long. When you have created your resume, save that most digitally. This copy is your standard resume that you always complements and updates.

The curriculum vitae is a document in which you give information about yourself, your education and work experience. Some handy tips;

Create an easy to read, clear structure.
Put your name and page number in the footer.
Ensure that all the periods and dates are correct.
To start your default list data. This includes your full name, address, phone number, email address, birth date and place, nationality, marital status and any website. Then you put a list of all your studies from grade school. It stated you always the name of the program, the school, the address of the school and what years you have studied there.

Then follows the experience with the most recent in front. Provide the most recent the most space. Sell ​​yourself, do not give a boring job but show how successful you were in that job. Be creative!

For your language skills and IT knowledge to use a clear score. Eg: Dutch: mother tongue, very good. French: good. English: very good. Etc..

Please also ensure that skills you've gained through hobbies and other activities. Consider eg volunteering, leadership in the youth movement, internships, ...

In terms of layout, you do crazy not to do, the information must be clearly legible and intelligible continue. However, the letter you make it interesting than a boring white sheet. Be creative with headers and color, alignment and indentation.

Check, double check and triple check the spelling a bit! A dt error is a definite no-no. Et voilà. You're ready to go.

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