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02 March 2017

How to avoid conflicts at work?

Conflicts at work are not nice, never. It not only ruins the atmosphere at the office, it is also extremely inefficient. There is always that one colleague you would never be friends with in your daily life. Although this phenomenon is not abnormal, it is important to keep peace at all times. Belmodo therefore listed a few tips to avoid tension at work:

  • Be self-assertive, but correct

Conflicts are often due to misunderstandings. Did you misinterpret the task en therefore not execute it well enough? Fix this by asking for feedback in order to avoid this in the future. Does your boss give you too much work? Be self-assertive and let him or her know in a friendly way. It is better to let them know that you have multiple deadlines coming up instead of just saying “yes” all the time and not complete any of these deadlines. You don’t agree with a specific idea or proposition and you have a better alternative? Just tell it! Let them know how you see it en blow them away with your creativity!

  • Develop a problem solving mindset

Don’t walk over to your boss or colleague with yet another problem. Try to think about it yourself first and try to come up with a solution. It is much more appreciated when you go to your boss with a problem and the multiple solutions you came up with. It shows how motivated you are which will definitely be appreciated.

  • Be flexible

Don’t be too critical and definitely not short-minded. Does someone ask you something that at first sight isn’t part of your job description? Or do you have to do something that is completely new for you? Go for it! Show them how flexible you can be. Be innovative and come up with some fresh ideas. This will definitely be appreciated!

  • Be understanding

Try to understand that your colleagues and your boss are also just trying to do their job. They also feel stress sometimes. Be understanding when someone is a bit cranky to you, don't take it personal. But be careful, don’t let them walk all over you. If you feel bad about it, talk about it. Start a conversation with the person. He or she might not know how you feel and if they do, tell them you don’t appreciate it. Talk about it.

  • Zen

Is everything starting to become a bit too much? Breath! Reflect about the situation: why do you feel this way? Think about the situation as an outsider and how you could solve this problem. By doing this you could avoid saying or doing things that you will regret in the future.


  • Read the post in Dutch.
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