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28 December 2017

How-to: employer proof your social media

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1. Use common sense

The first rule is the most obvious one. Before you post your vacation pictures, tweet or status ask yourself if it is something you would show or say to your boss’s face. The final decision of what you post is work-friendly or not still lies in your hands. However, if you have to rethink your decision to post more than once, it’s a no-go.

2. Less is more

Pictures say more than a thousand words and the motto “less is more” is more than ever applicable in these times of massive sharing. Sharing your vacation pictures is nice, but try to leave out those pictures where you are standing in your bikini or swimming trousers holding a fish. It is also very important to screen all your pictures that are already on your timeline: delete those ugly birthday pictures or hide them from your timeline if you find deleting them to harsh. Another handy suggestion is to set your privacy settings in that way that you have to approve all your tagged pictures.

3. #playsafe

Facebook, Instagram but also Snapchat are constantly working on their privacy settings to give you a safer feeling. There are a lot more of applications you can apply to your social profile than you think to reveal fewer of yourself online. For example it’s possible to adjust your Facebook friends settings so other people can’t nose around in your friend list. Further there are the basic settings like putting your Instagram account on private or limiting your visibility on Facebook to only a select group op people.

4. Never mention your employer!

Protecting your social media accounts is not only important when you are on a job hunt but also when you already are employed. Always keep in mind that whatever you say, post or react online won’t be interpreted negative at your workspace. If you mention your employer in your profile information, anything you say could be associated to the company.

5. Make them like you!

The easiest tip of all is to start posting great content. Start seeing social media as a helpful source, which you can use to share great content or stories instead of your diary. Don’t be a boring, professional social media-bot if you want to start working in the marketing sector. Your social media accounts can help you to show off who you are. Feel free to post great pictures, to share brilliant articles and music you like. But make sure it is a safe to work version. 

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