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20 April 2017

Spring cleaning at the office

A Spring cleaning doesn't only have to concern your closet. Your desk and even the entire office could definitely use a ferm Spring cleaning. Let's get to work!

  • Organise your agenda and your mind

A busy schedule in which meetings are being added, moved and/or deleted, could make your agenda a bit messy. Make sure you have a separate to do list and only use your agenda for important meetings. Use post-its to maintain a clear overview. 

  • Clean up your computer

Your computer might contain a lot of files that you gathered throughout the years. You once thought they were extremely important and now you don't even know why it exists. Throw all these files in the digital trashbin. Do you have some loose documents somewhere on your desktop, collect them in a new folder and give this folder a clear name! Name each separate document with a clear description of the content. Your mailbox could probably use a good clean up as well. Take your time to delete all the spammails and answer your old e-mails. Do you have multiple clients? Collect their messages in separate mailboxes.

  • Stock room and filling cabinets

Each room that is used to store files, can and will become messy while time is passing. Especially when these spaces are being emptied and refilled by people who are not familiar with the system (think about a new colleague or intern). Create a system and make sure everyone else knows about it.

  • Clean your desk

A messy desk creates a messy mind. When there is a pile of papers on your desk of which you don't know which is what, then it is probably a good idea to start classifying these. Who knows, maybe there are unpaid invoices or important documents that should have been posted last week. Besides, a messy and crowded desk is hugely demotivating, because it makes it seem that your work will never come to an end.

  • Read the post in Dutch.
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