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07 December 2017

The perfect profile picture for finding a job

This is what you have to keep in mind while picking out the profile picture on your resume.

Did you know you get 40% more chance on a job interview when you gave a good profile picture on your resume? Make sure to take these do’s and don’ts into account.


The quality off the picture

Natural lighting is much better for the quality of your picture. Don’t take photos in bright sunlight, you should make sure the light is divided equally.

Don’t forget the background

People are often too focused on how they look that they forget about the background. Make sure there is no clutter behind you. A better alternative is to take pictures standing next to a solid wall.

Pick a close-up

Pictures are often made smaller which makes it more difficult to recognize someone. So don’t be afraid to pick a close-up picture.

Work with colour

A profile picture shouldn’t be boring. A colourful outfit is perfect if you want to stand out!


Don’t be too serious. A little smile is permitted!



Selfies are fun, but don’t them at your resume. Pick a professional picture.

Party-, holiday- or family pictures

Be aware that a lot of people will see your picture, so make sure it’s qualitative! Creativity is allowed, but don’t exaggerate.


Always keep in mind that you're applying for a real job, your possible future employer wants someone who is professional.

Tip: Take a look at your pictures on social media! Employers often do some research, so you want to look professional as well.

Good luck! 

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