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08 August 2017

What do you take in your handbag to the office?

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Litlle beauty bag

The most important thing as a woman is having a little beauty bag. Try to only carry the most important things. you really don’t need two types of eye shadow. Choose a basic mascara, lipstick and a small mineral powder. These essentials are always handy!

Perfume & deodorant

It’s always nice to refresh yourself after a long meeting or a difficult exam. Choose a small spray deodorant, this doesn’t take a lot of space in your bag and is more hygienic. Did you plan a nice lunch or do you have a date after your working day? It’s always nice to use a touch of your favourite perfume.

Smartphone-charger  and  USB-Drive

Nothing is more annoying than when you are on the road and you can’t use your smartphone. It's also useful to have a small USB-Drive on your bunch of keys.

Tissues and disinfecting gel

Hygiene first! A small tube of disinfecting gel is really handy when you have no toilet in your neighborhood. Also make sure that you always have some tissues by your side.


No one likes to have the taste of their lunch for the rest of the afternoon. It’s always clever to have mints or a pack of chewing gum.

Notebook and a pen

A fancy smartphone is always useful to save your items in your schedule or to make notes. But in some circumstances you are not allowed to take your phone. For that reason, a small notebook and a pen are items you can’t miss in your handbag.


Always nice to accompany you during a long drive or walk. When you are waiting for the train music ensures that the time goes faster. Music makes you feel good, so take your earbuds always with you.

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